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Hivu Nursery

Our nursery is unique in the area offering a variety of plants both indigenous and popular for both the garden, as a gift or as a memento of your visit to the Vumba.  We also have a selection of baskets, jams, pickles and Vumba ground coffee.

Plants include:  shrubs, ground covers, herbs, medicinal herbs, ferns, tree ferns, succulents, flower and vegetable seedlings.  We also have a selection of pots and gifts. HOURS: Mon – Sun : 8am to 5pm (including Sundays and public holidays)   Murambi Gardens Nursery For a larger selection of plants, fruit trees, roses, pots, fertilisers, potting soil or manure visit our Murambi Gardens Nursery in Mutare at 19 Jason Moyo Drive, Murambi, Mutare. HOURS: Mon – Fri : 8am to 5pm Sat: 8am to 12.30pm Closed Sundays and Public Holidays. We also have a tuck shop/grocery store in Vumba which has basic commodities … mealie meal, oil, sugar, soap, biscuits, etc., open as above.
Murambi Gardens
succulents and cacti
HiVu plants
HiVu variety


Our unique and rustic basketware is made from an indigenous plant which is also considered a local pest.  It is a prolific grower in the Vumba, called smilax anceps, it is a thorny plant and will catch you unawares when walking through the bush. It is found in open scrub or forest margins.

However, it does make for some attractive basketware and helps us keep this plant in control.  See some of our examples below.

Hivu Tea Garden

Visit our tea garden for breakfast lunch or tea, after a walk in the mountains, a drive through the area or when visiting the Hivu Adventure Park.

HiVu tea gardem

The Hivu Tea Garden offers a simple but delightful menu of teas, coffee, delicious milkshakes and sodas.  For meals we offer breakfast and light lunches.  But don’t miss the all time favourite our Hivu scones served with jam and cream.  

Sit in the garden on sunny days to enjoy the Vumba ambience or on cold, wet days get cosy upstairs by the log fire !


Mon – Sun : 8am to 5pm

HiVu scones
HiVu Waffles
Hivu burger
HiVu Tea Garden

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