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About US

Your Hosts at Hivu are Sally and Stu Preston and they have a long association with the area and look forward to welcoming you experience the splendour of the area.

Sally’s history with the Vumba dates back to 1968 when her parents moved to the area and started a coffee plantation which they carved out of the bush.  The name Hivu was born from  – Hi for Highlands as the extended highland area along the eastern border of Zimbabwe and the Vu for Vumba for the stunning views that surround this wonderful area. 

In 1985 Sally started planting ferns which grow with ease in the area and this was the beginning of Hivu Nursery which was the culmination of her passion and continues to be so until this day.  Today the nursery, tea garden, craft and basketware crafts and Hycroft Cottage are all the centre of Hivu’s ever expanding investment in the area.  In recent years the Activity Centre was added as a way to bring more fun, enjoyment and appreciation of the splendour of the Vumba to people not living within the area.

Sally and Stu look forward to welcoming you and sharing their appreciation of the area with you.

Sally and Stu Preston

Our Services

Accommodation in the heart of the Vumba.

Adventure Park for fun days and Group events.

Nursery for your plant needs and gifts in the Vumba and Mutare.

Basketware popular indoors and outdoors, designed and made to order.

Tea Garden for refreshments, cakes and light meals in our delightful surroundings or by our cosy fire.

Contact us for any more information or to make your bookings.

HiVu Accommodation
Mount vumba
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