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The Bvumba Mountains or Vumba Mountains lie on the border between Zimbabwe and Mozambique.  They are situated some 10km south east of the city of Mutare in Zimbabwe.  The highest point in the area is the Castle Beacon which is at 1,911m above sea level and together with the Chimanimani Mountains to the south and Nyanga Mountains to the north form part of what is often refered to as the Eastern Highlands. 

Bvumba is the local language (Shona) word for mist and the area is often referred to as the ‘Mountains of Mist’ as the early mornings often start with a mist which can clear by mid-morning, or remain for days! 

The mountains are capped by cool green hills in summer and golden in winter. The Botanical Gardens were one of the best in Africa, the views are still splendid. Walking the area you will traverse different vegetation, landscapes, waterfalls and fantastic views.  The area is renown for its unique bird life and you will also frequently spot the local Samango monkeys along the roadside and in the forests.

Below are some reasons to visit the Vumba.

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Vumba Mountains

Activity Park

Adventure Park Activities

Hivu Activity Park offers a great day out for friends and family, groups or special occasions with something for everyone.

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Tea Garden

Hivu burger

The Hivu Tea Garden can be found near the Nursery and office at Hivu.  We serve light meals and deliciousness.

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We have a small nursery at Hivu in the Vumba and a more extensive selection at Marambi Gardens in Mutare, situated at no 19 Jason Moyo Drive, Murambi. The new additions are a Bistro and Deli.

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Botanical Gardens

Vumba botanical garden

The Vumba Botanical Gardens are a firm favourite when visiting the area and certainly should not be missed.

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Hivu offers a selection of 3 popular accommodations for visitors to the area.  

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Hiking and Walking Trails

Friends of the Vumba walks

Friends of the Vumba offer some wonderful walks and hikes in the area, a guide is highly recommended.

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Horse Riding

There is nothing quite as wonderful as horseriding in the wonderful Vumba.  Available for all levels and children.

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Bird watching

birdlife of the vumba

The Vumba offers a world of wonder when it comes to bird watching and if you are a birder don’t miss out.

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Tony's Coffee Shop

People come from far and wide to visit Tony’s Coffee Shop for that unique and delicious experience.

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