A few months ago we attended a foundations for farming lesson and we learnt so much we have now changed the way we do our compost and veggie seedlings. The foundations for farming is run by Darryl and Hazel Edwards in Harare but we were lucky enough to have them come down to Mutare to give us a lesson.


Their program is the intensive cultivation of plants to a high standard with a lot of attention to detail whilst only watering twice a week! The vegetable garden is set to a specific layout which again is to a high standard with the beds being 110cm wide, pathways 40cm wide, raised beds, and pegs on the corners of beds.


For the soil preparation we needed to ensure that all weeds were removed, but because we are doing the new compost there was very little weeding to be done, We then needed to spread the compost over the top of the bed.


They have a standard of excellence whilst doing the best you can with what you have. ignorance is no excuse.