Things to see and do


Located at Hycroft Cottage in the vumba we offer rides during the week along beautiful trails in and around the area. It is $12 for half an hour during the week.


Vumba is an exciting Eastern Highlands birding destination with many montane specials in an area comprising montane forest and grassland, bracken-scrub, exotic vegetation, miombo and acacia woodland and streams and dams. The great variation in altitudes and moisture from the east means that our bird list should be used with caution as some species occur in the drier rain shadow, others in east facing habitats and others are marginal altitudinal migrants from the Burma Valley. The montane forests and their edges are a favoured birding habitat with birds like Swynnerton’s Robin, White-starred Robin, Red-capped Robin-chat, Orange Ground-thrush, Chirinda Apalis, Roberts’s Warbler, Buff-spotted Flufftail, Yellow-throated Woodland-warbler, Dark-backed Weaver, Yellow-streaked and Stripe-cheeked Greenbul, Grey Cuckooshrike, Square-tailed Drongo, White-eared Barbet, Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird, Livingstone’s Turaco, Eastern Bronze-naped Pigeon, African Broadbill, Scaly-throated Honeyguide, Green Twinspot, Red-faced Crimsonwing, African Firefinch and many other more common species. Silvery-cheeked Hornbill fly about looking for fruit and visit woodlands too, and in the woodlands are Green-backed Woodpecker, Rufous-bellied Tit, Miombo Tit, Spotted Creeper, Miombo Rock-thrush, Western Violet-backed Sunbird and Cabanis’s Bunting with Bearded Scrub-robin coming up from the lowlands.


Tony’s Coffee Shop is a beautiful cottage in the Vumba Mountains- Zimbabwe,that Tony an expatriate architect-turned-pastry chef converted into the most quaint, idyllic pastry and coffee shop ever. He has almost any tea you can think of and hot chocolate and coffees. Cakes such as white cheesecake and brandied fruit, simply delicious! This is a treat not to miss out on.